I Lost a Tooth!

Tinker Bell- Forever

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Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 9:52am PST 
My mom found a tooth of mine on the floor!

Has your parent ever found one of your teeth?shock

Semper Vorax
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 11:29pm PST 
I would be so sad! I am obssesssive about my dog's teeth. WE are very proactive about tooth brushing and lots of chew items and stuff. we give them RMBs so that they scrape with their front teeth too. We don't have the money for a dental so we have to stay on top of these things.

I would take them to the vet immediately if I found a lost tooth. Foxxy still has all 42, and Taggert came to us with 36 because a set of side teeth and the rearmost molars didn't grow in apparently.
Victoria- (Vickie)- Poop

Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 2:21am PST 
Put it under your pillow so da Tooth Fairy can bring you a goodie!!
I know if I loose another tooth mommy would takes me to da vet she would
and she would takes the tooth with us. I lost all my front teeth upper and lower when I was a lost stray but since I come to live wit mommy my teeth has been doing pretty good dey has!snoopy


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Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 6:32am PST 
Oh dear! Does your mouth hurt? Was it a big one?
I sure hope that's the only one that comes out - probably have the vet check your mouth next time you're in -
Tinker Bell- Forever

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Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 4:27pm PST 
My mom checked my mouth, but couldn't see any bleeding or anything.
We do the rinses, the gels, the toothpaste, and the dental bones. My mommy won't do raw bones for us, just a personal opinion. My sisters seem to never have problems with theirs.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 6:18am PST 
You know bad teeth is just a Chihuahua thing - I don't think my mom would worry too much if nothing else seems to be wrong.
I know you take good care of your teeth - so probably just happened. shock