Post here when you receive your Easter cards

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Bitu ✎

I still want to- be a rich cat
Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 8:50pm PST 
I got a card yesterday from Sheba and Star. Then today I got cards from Daisy Mae Sunday Times and Snoopy and his family. Sorry I'm so late checking in!
♥ - Snoopy- ♥

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Barked: Sat Mar 30, '13 1:24pm PST 
We gotz our cardz! We just didn't haz purrmizzion to get on da 'puter! So sawry!

Thankz to our Pen Pawz furriendz for da great cardz:

Bitu - It wuz da furst to arrivez! It haz a cute rabbit on da front!

Zeke,Xena,Kody, and Tu Two haz a cute card wif their photo portraitz insidez! We wishez Meowm wuz dat creative! MOL!

Da Keighley Crew in England sent a chickiedee card wif daffodilz...Too purrrrty!

Nermal sendz a card wif kitten 'n chickie....Sweet!

We gotz a BIG bunny from Orvis 'n furrmily. Inside wuz WONDERFUL picturez of everyfur in their Easter finest!

Thank you Furriendz! We are so gladz you are our Pen Pawz!

Headboinkz 'n happy Easter!
Snoopy, Jasper, Split, 'n Ronon (Meowm Lisa, too!)

Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 11:11am PST 
oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!!!!
our daddy just called our meowmy and said there were three more Easter cards for us that arrived today!!! we don't know who these three are from but we pawmise to post tomorrow!!!!! we can't wait to see who the senders are!!!! thank you in advance!!! we'll be here tomorrow!!!!
hope you all had a Happy Easter purr!


Barked: Tue Apr 2, '13 12:10pm PST 
we opened our cards last night and received one from Daisy Mae Sunday has a cute fuzzy Easter bunny on front with his little Easter basket...he's so cute! thank you so much!!!!

we got one from Angels Sheba and has bunnies and chicks on it and it's talking about daffy-dills!!! those look so yummy!!!!! thank you so much!

we got one from Reeses, Snicker, Lilly, Kitty Gizmo, Puffy, Riley, Lucy and Angel has lovely blue stripes and purrty stickers! we love it! thank you so much!

we love our cards dear furriends!!!!! Hope you all have a happy Easter!!!

Thank you fur being our furriends!!!
Alfie - DB #37a - Dearly Loved

Alfie - soppy boy
Barked: Fri Apr 5, '13 2:50pm PST 
All our Easter cards have arrived at long last - we didn't have any mail for a week due to our awful weather! They are really cheering things up and I'll keep them on display for at least another week! Thankyou to Nermal & family for the lovely kitten and duck card; to Xena, Zeke, Tu Two, Kandi, Kody & mum for the lovely easter egg and bunny card; to Orvis and family for the same card with beautiful photos of all the family in their Easter outfits; to Snoopy, brofurs & mum for the pretty tulip card; to Alfiechinacat, kitties & mum for the bunny with daffodil card and to Clive, Chessie and Sinbad for the cute bunny in bowl card.
Thankyou to all my dear furriends, we love them all soooo much!!!
p.s. I hope all the cards we sent arrived.

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