Oreo (In- Loving- Memory)

Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 12:54pm PST 
Last Saturday morning my husband and I had to put Oreo sleep. That was most hardest thing I ever done. I'm still grieving about her. My husband seem dealing better that I am.... I kept smelling her around in my house and got bad habits do something with her like her medicines and help her go to outside and get in house, etc... I kept forgetting that she is actually gone... I miss her so much... I just couldnt stop crying.... Every time we talked about her, I just burst my tears....
Oreo (In- Loving- Memory)

Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 3:03pm PST 
Just in case you wonder what happened to her. She was old. Latelyshe started hard time to get up when she wanted to walk then she started to no control bathroom then she couldn't stand up for like 5 mins to 10 mins then fell. Everything from that til last week she started to downhill. She wouldn't eat or drink anymore. That's when we knew she was ready to go. :-(
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Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 5:37am PST 
Hi Oreo!! wave It's nice to meet You!! welcome I'm so sorry for Your Families loss. hug
These first days are very hard. You'll probably be grieving for a while since You were so close. Only time will help but in truth You never fully get over the loss and that's normal. I move the "Grief Relief" thread up so You can read through that. There are lot's of suggestions about coping plus You can see Your not alone in this Grief and it's something We all share. Once again I''m sorry for Your loss. Your Family is in Our prayers. hughughughug


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I am sorry you had to go to all this ordeal and have to let go a dear friend
God be with you
Ore is part of our angel community and as such he will be welcome and treate like an angel little angellittle angellittle angelhughug
May god hep you wipe your tears and be strong to face Oreo´s loss
love and angel´s hugs
Crystal hughughughughug
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Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 9:29pm PST 
Hi Oreo! You're with my friends (my grandmom's dogs) Henry, Molly and George! They are a lot of fun!

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. It's hard. Sending love and hugs to your family in their time of need