Show and Tell March 15

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Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 8:18am PST 
wavewavewavewave My mom is home. She was home yesterday but spent it out with her friend having a really really long lunch.


Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 8:53am PST 
wavewavewaveTalker! If your Mom is home, make sure you get all the tummy-rubs you can!!!
It's sort of boring here, but the Little White Truck will be here soon. He stopped 'n' brought a package to the door for Mommy yesterday, but she wouldn't let me go out to say "hello." All I ever mean to do is climb in his truck for a little ride! She says somebody called "Uncle Sam" frowns upon that. I don't think it's any of his business, do you?shrug
Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 3:53pm PST 
You know Shaki, we have an Uncle Sam too! I've never met him but mom says he comes around once a year. Maybe i'll keep an eye out for him.

Anyone planning on eating corn beef and taters on Sunday??? I hope it's on our menu.''

Did I mention that Marlowe and my dad shared a beer together last Sunday. No wonder Marlowe likes my dad so much.


Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 4:38pm PST 
thinking Come to think of it, I've heard mention of an Uncle Sam around here too. How strange! Maybe it's because all of us Basenjis are somewhat related that we all have the same uncle.

Shaki, I think you should get to ride in the white truck. Keyah always wants to climb on tour buses that have their doors open. I guess she likes sightseeing. shrug

We survived our first week of two weeks with Dad in South Africa. So far we've all survived although some of Mom's belongings haven't. laugh out loud Tomorrow Mom says she'll take us for a really good walk. That way we'll burn off some energy and hopefully calm down a bit.

Talker, you better not tell your Dad what I've been up to. I think you're right, he might get nervous about another Basenji. But keep in mind, I only do this when I miss my dad. Otherwise I tend to leave things alone. Remember you and Savannah did really well with not bothering too many things around the house.

Ok, sounds like Keyah might be into something. I have to go investigate.

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 4:40pm PST 
Man, Keyah and I just got in a big fight that Mom had to break up. That rarely happens. She says I'm being a real #^&&*#$*. red face

Sunbeam- Maven
Barked: Fri Mar 15, '13 6:21pm PST 
Patan, maybe both you and Keyah need some good ol' tummy-rubs. That always makes me feel better when my Daddy's not here. shrug

Hey you - give me a belly- rub.
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 5:11am PST 
I agree, Shaki! I NEEEEEEED tummy rubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CH Astarte's- Apache River

learning the- ropes
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 12:39pm PST 
Sorry we've been MIA....coyote sightings and weed pulling have been going on here and it makes for some busy days. Mom has to stay out with us cause the coyotes are using the neighbors yard to try to get to the chickens across the street. When Dad gets home today she's going to Home Depot to see if there's something she can top the fence with.

Patan...stop being a *%$&@#@

Momma doing better?

Paku....GREAT NEWS about you being able to see!!!cheercheercheer

We had TONS of fun with Momma Laura, Big Daddy and Tee! Tee is my friend! I wish we could have played more but Marlowe got in the way. Don't feel bad about going after himTee...Marlowe ALWAYS gets in the way and I've been known to do that myself. Even Zuni went after him once for getting in the way!
Cheyenne- Moon

Live, love and- play
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 12:40pm PST 
That was YOU Tee??? OH NO, I missed my chance at some romance. You smelled like SOAP, how was I supposed to know it was you???red facered facered face

born to run
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 12:43pm PST 
Momma says I have to apologize for being snarky...I'm sorry.

There, is that ok Mom?

I found a dead rabbit today! I don't like that something else is killing MY rabbits..that's MY job! It made a mess too. I just like to snap their necks. Whatever MONSTER it was that murdered this one did a number on it. Sorry Mr. Rabbit...I would have made it painless.
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