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Royal Member of the Day, Honoring Royal Dogs and Cats since 2008.

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Great Dane at- heart
Barked: Sun Jan 22, '17 2:40pm PST 
Congrats and happy birthday Hambone partypartypartyparty
Daisy Mae

Barked: Sun Jan 22, '17 6:25pm PST 
Happy Gotcha Day Lexi!! partywisheshug

Happy Birthday Bambi!! partywisheshug

Happy Birthday Hambone!! partywisheshug

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Bailey NWD

Bailey- Blinkerson- Eskiwowow Raiman
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '17 3:33am PST 

Our Royal Member of the Day has crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her family beside her.

We are saddened to hear of the fire that took them all.

Sending love to My Little Demon and her family.

My Little Demon Royal Member of the Day

Demon's page


I am queen of- this house
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '17 3:46am PST 
Congratulations to Little Demon such a tragic but at least they all are together fly free sweet one you are dearly loved and will be deeply missedlittle angellittle angelrainbowrainbow
♥Sere- na♥

Fearless one!
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '17 8:41am PST 
Fly free baby- you are furever with your loving family. little angelrainbow
Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '17 8:53am PST 
We are so sorry to learn of this tragedy. Fly free Demon. You and your family at together forever hughughughughughughug
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