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Cisco The- Kidd Poop

I'm a GIANT- CHI~Giant Chi's- More 2 Love!
Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 9:28am PST 
O WOW I can't imagine mommy AND daddy going away and leaving us with a stranger.
Some times mommy will go here or there but daddy stays home or Daddy will take a trip and Mommy stays home but dey don't usually git to take off together for days at a time. But if dey do our Auntie Izzy watches us she do! And she only lives a block away so we don't has to leave home at

Lets Play
Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 6:14am PST 
I know Cisco - the first time it was a little weird, but the sitter came and played with us and read mom's book about us for quite a while. Then it was just a couple nights the first time. She's been back a few times now, and we love her to pieces! And it's super cause we get to be in our house - she comes to us. So that makes it a lot easier.
Tinker Bell- Forever

I love cookies!
Barked: Fri Mar 22, '13 6:58am PST 
Our sitter is my grandpa, but he only takes care of us during the day once In a while, especially now that we live so far. We all love my Grandpa, Even Shyla, who didn't ever live close to Grandpa growing up like me and Halo.

Before we moved, my mom and grandparents could easily help each other babysit each others pets, but now it's not so convenient.

My daddy refuses to babysit us. He says we are mom's.


Lets Play
Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 6:47am PST 
Aw Tinker Bell, that is a bad attitude your dad has frown but we know how that goes - our ex-dad was like that too. We think it's their loss.
I bet you miss being close to your grandpa. It would be so nice to have that kind of "backup". And I bet he's free too BOL pet sitters are kind of expensive!
BUT worth it if you find a good one.
Victoria- (Vickie)- Poop

Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 8:54am PST 
hug to you Tink.
I can't imagine Daddy not watchin us.
Heck we'd lickity lick lick him till he did! BOLbig laugh
Your Daddy must have some other very special features for
your mommy to keeps him around...big laugh

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Tinker Bell- Forever

I love cookies!
Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 1:29pm PST 
BOL! My dad is handsome! Luckily for him, but mom has to remind him that doesn't always cut it.

Ya, it's tough when daddy's think you don't belong to them. shrug And my mommy wishes she had my granny and grandpa close by. The free babysitting was great. My mom hopes one day they can move closer or we can move closer again.

Lets Play
Barked: Sun Mar 24, '13 6:28am PST 
A handsome dad is great Tinker Bell cloud 9 Your mom is pretty, so I bet they make a very good pair.

I hope someday you can move closer to your Grandpa and Grandma too. I bet you miss them a lot.

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