Do You Wake Your ParentDuring the Night?

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Semper Vorax
Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 2:29am PST 
Taggert's trick is that he loves to sleep on top of your covers and between your legs, so if you want to roll over in the night, you have to wake up move the dog, roll over, readjust the blankets, and then he will slip right back into the place behind your knees or between your legs.
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Lets Play
Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 6:23am PST 
Oh Taggert - that sounds like a perfect place - nice and warm!
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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 9:06pm PST 
Taggert, we are just like you. My mom feels bad if she wakes us, so sometimes she will sleep like a contortionist.confused

Foxxy! My mom felt tired just thinking about you waking up so early barking! Can't really blame you though if there are people leaving for work.

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