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Barked: Fri Feb 8, '13 3:04pm PST 
Ty wash DDP Doggie today and thish wash hish diary entry, which ish dated 2/4:

Our little boy, Ty, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning at 8:45 a.m. He was with us for almost 3 years, having been pulled from the shelter at 13 years old -- dumped by the gf of a deployed soldier. He was spunky, loving to run and play with the labs and attaching himself to our senior Springer Spaniel, Mocha. The two were almost inseparable - little old men waddling around on 9-acres. Ty developed a tumor near his armpit which grew rapidly, and was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor. Given his age and his very bad arthritis in his hips, we all decided to make him as comfortable as possible and to allow him to enjoy his life. Enjoy it he did, until last week when the tumor split and there was nothing we could do for him other than to keep it clean, soft and bandaged. He went downhill very quickly over the past week, and everyone concerned decided the most compassionate thing to do for him was to let him go. He's at peace, running free with Mocha, Max, Megan, Matilda, Ricky and all of our other fur-angels, waiting for us to join them when the time is right. Rest in Peace, Ty. You will be missed.

Pawleashe lend a paw of shupport to the family and Ty. He had 35 furiendsh and wash a cutie. I'sh sho glad he had almosht 3 wonderpurr yearsh with such a shpecial family.meditate big hug

Ty's ID # 1202208
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Thank you for letting us know, Smiley....

So Sad....Fly Free Ty Frannicola.

Purss to the family.hug
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That is sad....My heart goes out to Ty's family. I'm on my way and I'll ask my sister spirit to send a friend request too


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Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
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ok...oops....just realized ty was a dogster not a catster ;-) I stopped by his page and Trudy, Billy, and I sent him a PPR way to go
Smiley- Cassanova

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Thanksh you Scooter!big hug