Clown Dog
Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 8:05am PST 
hello, new to this group, but have been on Dogster for a while. i never roamed around the site to know there were groups lol. anyway, my yorkie is a rescue, he is a red/chocolate yorkie, mixed with apricot poodle i am guessing. he looks like a yorkie, but when his hair grows really long, it is curled on his back. he is from ohio, then transfered to new york, then to me in Toronto, Canada. he has seperation anxiety, which is getting sooo much better. he is also a demon seed lolblue dogdog walkpartysnoopyhi5rainbowhappy dancecheerwavenaughtykissing

A baby pup- always. Refuse- to grow up.
Barked: Sat May 14, '16 4:19am PST 
Hi Jobismilewave
I'm even newer here than you!
From today dancing
My brothers & me joined today.
I'm a Biewer yorkie named Harley, 2 years young.
So nice to be here and hope to get to know everyone!snoopy