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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 7:28pm PST 
On the world map of fishing locations, Christmas Island may only rate a small dot, however fish being caught here are making a big mark amongst the international fishing fraternity. The secret is out... anglers around the world are starting to find out that Christmas Island is the hottest new spot for big fish in South East Asia.

Within a few hundred metres of the boat launching facilities, it is possible to fish in 500 metres of water for Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo and all the other exciting species that you usually find in tropical locations. The difference is that on Christmas Island the fish are BIG, very BIG!

When the ocean currents bring the the tuna in, it is possible to see fish in excess of 100kg feeding on the surface. While the Yellowfin Tuna roam and pass the island quite regularly, Dogtooth Tuna live permanently on the steep drop-offs that surround Christmas Island and we’ve seen them up to 80kg landed. Or if you prefer the high flying aerial displays of a sailfish, during the pre-monsoon months some of the biggest Sailfish in the world are to be found at Christmas Island. Even trolling within a few hundred metres of the shoreline you will find the razor gang. Wahoo are the fastest fish in the world and Christmas Island is their favorite race track!
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Sign me up. Is the a one event. It sound to good be true. smilesmilesmilesmile
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Maynard and I can FISH......sign us up PLEASE!way to go


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I don't think I'd be good at it...but I'll try it...have to find a cute fishing outfit...very nautical....Kennedy~ish...nice Irish kniy sweater or sailor pants..i have to find something adorableapplausecloud 9way to gohappy dance

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Tallylaugh out loudlaugh out loud I'm signing up too and hope I can wrestle a Big Ol' Sailfishwink

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Sure I will give this a TRY!!!
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I wanna fish I wanna catch a big onehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance

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welcome Johhny Wackadoodle..This your first cruise? You are gonna have sooooooo much fun...Come on lets go try and catch a Huge onesnoopysnoopysnoopy