SUV or Van?? My mom has no clue...

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Which of these would your parent pick for our family situation?

My granny asked my mom which of these is better for transporting all us pets. She will be getting a new or newer vehicle sometime next year.

In our situation, we each need our own seatbelts siince we travel at high speeds on the freeway. Maybe largest number of seats is most important. Space is always a problem for us. I don't know which has more seats.shrug Story Cat travels in a large kennel, so she takes up two spots.

My mom told granny she isn't sure which has more seats or if Story's kennel could somehow be secured in the back of a SUV..

My mom isn't sure which is better for us.

There are four pets and three people. Story's kennel is pretty big, taking up two seats, and I usually sit on my mom's lap with my seatbelt. We have a lot of supplies and two suitcases.

What do you think? Or would both be about the same?

Also which would your parent pick between the two for your family situation?

My mom thinks we really just need our own train.
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A train is a good idea! It sounds so fun dancingdancing

We have an Jeep Grand Cherokee, but it just depends on which your family prefers. Mom hopes she always owns a jeep and would someday like to get a newer one. But, a van might work too. It depends on brand too... even with SUV's, some have more seats than others. Mom loves her jeep, and wouldn't trade it for anything (except a new jeep laugh out loudlaugh out loud

I know that wasn't helpful, but some people LOVE their vans and some people LOVE their SUV's. I don't care what we ride in as long as I get to go too way to go
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actually sounds like a van would work good for ya.
We has an SUV type truck but mommy doesn't have to climb around
tucking us in seat belts or put a kennel in and out.
It would be tuff cause it sits high and she would have to keep climbing
up to do da bets and all ...I think you can climb in a van and walk down da middle of da seats to do da belts. But I guess that depends on how da van is set up because I don't think you can do that on all of dem dancingshrug

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Hmm, I think it's going to depend our how they are configured. Like Cisco says, SUV's are generally higher off the ground - which mom loves cause she can see stuff better. And she's had an Explorer and really liked it. Since she's had us, she has mostly had a car though. We double up in our car seats and they do take up the whole backseat. She would love to have an SUV again, but has considered a van. Mostly cause they are easy to move around in and would come in real handy when doing transports. I think you just have to shop around and measure!
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A train would work perfectly. Bol!

Guess we will have to do some investigating.

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We love our station wagon. We have a 1994 taurus, but there sure are lots of better and newer ones out there! the station wagon has the room of a SUV or van, but the ground clearance is much lower for little legs to handle.

Something like a Subaru Outback or VW Jetta, might be ideal for you.

Or maybe a crossover like the Kia Sportage or Honda Element

here, there's an article:

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waveHi, Foxxy!! Thank you so much for that link. We will definitely show it to my granny!! We didnt even think of station wagons.