Cesar Millan Biography on Cable TV/New Show Preview

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Pocket Wolf
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 6:28pm PST 
I know! I was shocked to see the "we have to be the strong pack learder" type brought to the point of death over Daddy's death and his divorce happening all at once. It really makes you think.

there are some things about Ceasar that I like. The techniques work well for Foxxy because she is a headstrong little brat, but I have to be very gentle with Taggert or he just goes to pieces.

I wish I had cable so that I could watch. I do respect him a great deal.
Tinker Bell- Forever

I love cookies!
Barked: Sat Dec 1, '12 1:15am PST 
Sparky, I'm glad your mom is doing well now. I didn't realize it has been two years already.

Ya, poor Cesar. I'm sure he shocked himself. That had to have been rough and horrible, a double whammy loss. It's difficult to lose two things you love at once. frown
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