Secret SANTA Donation Thread 2012

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Tassy- Susanne

My Babies Are My- World
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 8:28pm PST 
Emma, Dad (Thumper ID # 234599 called and asked us to give you his donation. He is donating a $15.00 Gift Card at Pet Smart. They can't get into Dogster until they can get a new computer. The one they have just won't fix.

Thanks Emma
Tassy, Rose, Pearl and Ruby
♥Emma- CSD♥

Will work for- biscuits
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 5:12am PST 
What generous donations! The donations are coming in already. This is sure to be a cheery season for those in need. Here is what we have so far-

Zealie donations:
Emma 365291 and family 50 zealies
Trudy 264649 20 zealies
Tassy Susanne 653994 20 zealies
BEckham 429529 and family 50 zealies
Jazzi 340870 25 zealies

Total Zealies 165

PLUS Memberships
Tassy Susanne and family (2) memberships
Pepper 234645

Total # PLUS Memberships = 4

Gift Certificates
Trudy 264649 $10 Petco
Pepper 234645 $25 Gift Card
Thumper 234599 $15 PetSmart Gift Card

Cheery pmails
Jazzi 340870 (10)

Page photos
Bailey (3)

Fur pal requests
Jazzi 340870 (10)

Keep those donations coming!!!
Chef ~ Snoop- Davia

I love & Adore- My Bizkit
Barked: Wed May 22, '13 4:13pm PST 
Emma, we would like to donate two Dogster/Catster Plus, 50 Zealies and two gift Baskets. One for a boy and one for a girl. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for those who have had such a ruff year. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful thing you are doing.

The Brewster Crew & mama Nancy

Tassy- Susanne

My Babies Are My- World
Barked: Tue Nov 5, '13 8:02pm PST 
Emma, are you doing the Secret Santa Donations this year? We signed up but haven't heard if you are doing it again this year. Is someone in this group doing a Christmas card Exchange this year?

Hugs Tassy & The Brewster Crew
♥Emma- CSD♥

Will work for- biscuits
Barked: Wed Nov 6, '13 8:04am PST 
YES! I was just on my way to start a donation thread for the Secret SANTA. Pepper pmailed this morning and we are getting started. A card exchange would be nice as well. smile
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