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Barked: Mon Nov 5, '12 10:21pm PST 
Hi, everyfur! This thread is a hangman game. I'll post the hangman tomorrow, as the storm is forcing us to have to shut the computer down. For more fun and games, please visit my group, Aussie Petz.
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Suie: Sweet, but- Tough
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 8:25pm PST 
Okay, here's the hangman rules. I will send in the hangman and you have to guess letters. If the letters are in the hangman, then I will add them into it. Whoever posts the last letter, or the fur to guess what the quote is, will win a rosie. Okay, let the game begin! Here's the hangman:
_ _ _ _/ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _/. Okay, start guessing!
For another hangman, visit Aussie Petz thread called Hangman: True or False.

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