The Barney Award for October 2012

Hope, NPC- (In Loving- Memory)

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Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 11:52am PST 
Post your Halloweeney naughties here....
Angel Boy- Adam- ChewbaccaNPC

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Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 12:26am PST 
Well gang I have been up to no good all month. Mommy is not feeling well due to hurting her hand again so she can not type for me as much. I water the file cabinet and now the shelfs and a table then at times I go in to the human potty room right at the door and water big time so mommy can not get in there. I have been such a hard head not listening to her that twice she tried to turn to use the water squirtter on me and she hit her leg on the computer tower. Now her right leg is hurting so bad she can barely stand on it as well as hogging the bed at night I have been kicking her cause she wants half the bed. She said it is bad enough that some nut hit her in the store then comes home and kgets kicked in the rearend or as she says the back 40. I also keep going in the living room right in front of granny and watering the carpet and a couple of times have tried tow ater her foot and leg. Oh Now I have this thing when mommy and granny are gone as soonas I hear them come inside I start howling really loud and low like a ghost. It really scares them but granny told mommy they needed to put me out of my missory and to get a gun so I stopped. If you have seen mommy's Facebook page then you know I dressed up as a pumpkin. Mommy said it was cause I am such a piggy cause I bite her fingers when I get my viena sausage bites. Hey it is trick or treat but I say trick and treat so stop teasing me.
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