URGENT: Catahoula/Husky in need of new home (Southern CA)

Nutella- (Telly)

Husky-houla- thinks he's- Scooby Doo.
Barked: Wed Oct 3, '12 10:59am PST 
Name: Nutella ("Telly" or "Telly-Bear")
Breed: Catahoula "Leopard"Dog/Alaskan Husky (for more information on this breed, enter the word "catahoula" into a google search or go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catahoula_Cur)
Age: 6 years old
Size: Medium-Large (50 lbs)
Status: Very healthy and Up to date on all shots/vaccinations. Neutered.

Telly-Bear is like my child. I rescued him when he was six weeks old. His whole litter was found abandoned in a house in Nashville, where I lived at the time. Catahoulas, and Catahoula mixes were being put down in shelters in the south, as they were overrun from hurricane Katrina. I have been so blessed to have Telly in my life. He is quite a unique dog. Everywhere I've lived, I have had the ability to have a securely fenced in yard for him to run, etc. Unfortunately, that is not the case now, and I do not see that changing soon, and I need to make the best decision for him. He deserves it. He has been such a blessing to me, as hard as it is, I have to think of him in this...unselfishly.

If you have a yard, and one other dog, or plans to get another dog, then Telly would be a great choice for you. He is wonderful with kids, very protective, and wonderful with other animals. He WILL HERD goats and cattle...it is instinctual, and what he was bred for. That said, he is an inside dog, and will not enjoy staying outside when you are away for the day. He likes to watch over your house. He wants to be where you are at all the time. He is not a chewer or barker. He does the Catahoula "chatter." He also howls if you ask him to "sing death metal." He knows his left foot from his right, and plays frisbee etc. He is up to date on shots. Very healthy. Six years old.

If you think you are interested, please call or text me. I am asking a re-homing fee, and I'd prefer to have him meet you ahead of time (if possible), to be sure he gets a good home. This is literally my child....very hard to give up. I want to make sure he gets a really good home. Most people that have met him say he is the best dog they have ever met.

More photos can be viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6t54ei1ib83r36f/x28tg-L80I