Hi! I'm new.


I eat anything.
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 4:03pm PST 
I used to live with three boys, their mom and a cat. I was locked in a crate most of the time 'cause they weren't home very much. I barked and cried a lot and I knew they were mad at me, but I had to try to tell them my eyes hurt and I was bored. The mom said she was going to give me away cause she knew I was not getting proper care, but this other lady said I could live with them. I got to stay out of crate all day and night in the new house and I got a bath. I had to eliminate in my crate at the old house and hated it. The mom here said my eyes had problems and my nails and teeth. I heard her say she was going to talk to the old mom, then she came home and said I could stay with them. Now my eyes feel good, I get to sleep under the covers with my new mom, have another dog and cat to play with or snuggle up to and I take walks where mom teaches me not to be afraid of so much. But storms still make me shake all over and pant like I have run a mile. Mom said it is a panic attack and she lets me sit close to her then. Hope everyone else is as happy as I am.