Thunder is getting a skin sibling!!!

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Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 4:37pm PST 
that's awesome news!! Congrats!! Do take good care of momma and the baby kissing
Abigail "In- Loving- Memory"

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 10:10pm PST 
OMD! I missed itcry Condogulations Thunder (and the pawrents too)!!!! Kyra's littlest brudder is named Max toobig laugh I must say I like that Max dude more than the older brudder hamster dance Hang in there with all the new stuff Thunder. Soon you'll be the bestest big brudder!way to go

Sending well wishes to momma and daddy toobig hug

See ya, Abi
*wondering what this Max looks like*

Such cuteness is- irresistable
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 2:07pm PST 
I wonder how Thunder is going with his new brudder? Is anyone getting any sleep? Can't wait to see photos but I guess Mum and bub are still recovering. And Dad and Thunder are getting used to a change in routine BOL.

way to goway to go


Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 2:39pm PST 
Congratulations Thunder! That is such awesome news! We know you much be wondering what the heck in going on in that house of yours. confused Hopefully by now though things have started to get into somewhat of a routine. But with those babies, they are always changing! Hang in there though, you'll have a new playmate in no time. blue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dog
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