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Check Your Ability To Post a Rollover Image Script Here

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Mr D - D'boat #19

Barked: Mon May 4, '15 5:25pm PST 
Using embed on you tube straight

Mr D - D'boat #19

Barked: Mon May 4, '15 5:27pm PST 
When I tried you Tube embed straight off the link there it showed in the preview but did not post I'll see if it shows straight without going to preview

Nope it's funny it showed to it in the preview

Edited by author Mon May 4, '15 5:28pm PST

Mr D - D'boat #19

Barked: Mon May 4, '15 8:25pm PST 
Trying the code from the front of the group with the photobucket direct code link

Nope not that either

Edited by author Mon May 4, '15 8:30pm PST

Marmelade DB- #98

I'm a kneader!
Barked: Sun May 10, '15 7:08pm PST 
Win 8.1
Chrome Version 42.0.2311.135 m

Abby Road

Barked: Tue Jul 14, '15 2:38pm PST

Father of- champions!
Barked: Sun Aug 9, '15 9:04am PST 
Mr D wave

I don't remember how it used to work with videos, but now it seems to work with videos if you use the longer YouTube URL or link that's in the address line at the top of the browser, not the short link you get from "Share".

Here's your video (I hope!), using this URL:

New toy for cats


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Peter Parker

You Only Live- Once! Have Fun!
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '15 8:06pm PST 
✨- Finley- ✨

Texas- Terrierist!!
Barked: Fri Aug 28, '15 7:05am PST 
Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Barked: Tue Sep 1, '15 6:29pm PST og%20Plaza%20Award%20WInners/LEGALY-SEPT.%202015%20FOTM-PLAZA_zpsyd9 szz9z.jpg
The Pahrump- Pack

Barked: Sat Oct 31, '15 7:41am PST 
Thank you so much for this page. For providing the ability to post rollover pictures in our groups.way to go

Edited by author Sat Oct 31, '15 7:42am PST

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