How Do You Know If He Is Mr. Right ???


Time To Go! - Rosie
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '12 9:10pm PST 
:xo My Social Circle is pretty sparse. Why do parents always think they know all the right qualities that Mr. Right must have. They say it's only for my best and a happy outcome, because they only want the best for me because they love me more than life itself. That puts a lot of responsibility on my withers. Here's their idea of their Mr.Right for their "perfect angel"...tiny conformation preferably teacup, applehead, long haired, black and white (merle gray), with his most pronounced attractiveness being his thick long bushy mane, alert ears, longer legs, great personality. Mum thinks that those qualities will compliment my perfect body confirmation, perfect jaw and teeth, my long full tail, portionate body structure and long legs with big beautiful eyes. I am about 4 1/2 lbs. to 5 lbs. (when blotted). Daigo was my only sire who was a dearhead black & tan short coat chi & weighed 7+ lbs. You can see a pic of him & our offsprings on my page. My Wommy was so surprised that I carried my babies and hardly showed. More surprising was their large birth size. Yet they maintained my build & weighed between 5-6 lbs. I am an excellent mum even though it was my 1st litter. Mum will only allow me to have one more with Mr. Right.