Nine weeks today


Barked: Thu May 24, '12 9:02pm PST 
I am a proud owner of a bullmastiff puppy. I have had her a little less than a week. Within this time I have gotten her house broken as well as crate trained. She has also gotten her first series of shots deworming and chipped today. She is absolutly wonderful with my two children who are ages 8 & 1. I do have a few concerns though. I am confused on what too feed her. Some say raw others say dog food and to stay away from puppy food since it can cause her serious health issues later on in life. I have also read to give her extra fiber and to mix it into her water. Im just confused on what I should do to continue to keep her healthy. I would honestly prefer to hear back from long time bullmastiff owners. And if you have any additional information please pass it on.