Just rescued a Female Bichon-She needs help!

Halfpint II

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Barked: Sat May 19, '12 3:31pm PST 
Hi everyone. I have my wonderful 6 yr old male bichon but this week since I am in the Bichon rescue local, I got an email where I needed to help someone with a sick bichon. I had saved 4 in the past, so I wanted to help and actually wanted a female. She had a little girl 5 months old with alergies and I have never seen anything like her. She is like 3 lbs and skinny and her eye was closed shut but I gave her a bath in the oatmeal stuff and that helped her eye but the black stuff in the ears is awful. I need any advice since vet is closed ...She is eating and playing and loves my boy. She has a red thing comming out swollen in her behind and I "think" that is swollen anal gland and she can't poop. Any advice I will appreciate, she is so worth saving...she is just precious. I also need to se if you all think she will hurt my Male Bichon...I think its alergy, but not sure.