Puppy pyr


Barked: Sun May 13, '12 6:53am PST 
Hello all,

My husband and I decided to have a new companion for Mandy, our much loved 7 year old golden retriever. We lost our Cassie in April to lymphoma.

I came across the Great Pyr breed and went to get some more info about them. After going to Crufts my husband and I decided we really would love to add a pyr to our family.

We were fortunate enough to find a reputable breeder that was expecting puppies. We went to visit her a couple of days ago to choose which one will be our Amber.

Boy, that was TOUGH! They were ALL adorable. I had my eyes on the blaireau girl but she seemed to be a bit mean (she was pulling the ear of one of the puppies with gusto), there was the smallest one who is also cute but I was afraid to choose her as she is the smallest and when she was born they were not sure she was going to make it (she was born small and weighed 900 gr only and now she is about 300 gr behind the others). I don't know if she will develop any problems in future.

We ended up choosing the one who was sleeping in my husband's lap. She is all white and gorgeous. We now have to wait for 4 weeks before bringing her home.

This is going to be our first pyr.