Health advise needed regarding a young pom puppy, please?


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Barked: Fri Mar 30, '12 4:32am PST 

I'm getting a pom puppy, was ment to be in the next couple of weeks when she would have been 10 weeks. The only thing is the person im getting her off emailed me last week asking if i could pick her up, she would have only been 7 weeks!

The lady explained that her son had been in some sort accident and had been transferred to a hospital further away, therefore couldnt be with the pups or mum, however she has got some1 going in to feed them and let them out.

She said she was asking all new owners to collect pups a.s.a.p so her bitch could go to a family memeber whilst she was away and she would have less to worry about.

I feel bad for saying this but i refused to go get her red face, although i feel for the lady, 7 weeks for such a small dog is far too young.

However i agreed to come collect her this sunday at 8 weeks of age. Now i know its not impossible to take a small dog at such a young age from its mum but i also know the best age really would be between 10-12 weeks.

Both me and the lady have been put in such a dificult situation in regards to the welfare of the pup, she feels so guilty (so she says) and i feel excited but really nervous. I just wanted to know is there anything special i might need to ensure her health?

I have all the usual stuff

harness + lead,
appointment made for 2nd injection,
puppy pen,
soft brush,
puppy shampoo.

I dont have nail clippers etc as i dont plan on doing them myself, i would rather pay a proffesional.

Anything else i will need for such a young pup? I just wanna make sure i do right by her.


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Everything will be fine. I got Monty at 6 weeks. 8 weeks is preferrable, but 6 to 8 weeks is standard. Let us know how things worked out.