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Timo Katze - DB #105

Take it easy
Barked: Sat Aug 1, '15 8:11pm PST 
Dear Milo, please wish Sam a very happy birthday from me. party The link from your page to his page isn't working. I might try tomorrow again to send him a present, but it's late today. Good night my friend.

Bluest Eyes In- TEXAS
Barked: Sun Aug 2, '15 10:58am PST 
Timo my furiendbig hug Dat iz 'nother glitch we all can get'z 'round. If'n ya click on da pishure itself 'n not da words, it will work. Jus' 'nother way to faniggle gettin' 'round here...thank U fur ur kind wishes 'n thought'z~! I iz shur Sam had a wonnerfur spawcial day, hiz mom iz me mom'z BFF, mom misses whar we used to live rite cross da hall from Sam. Now we don't get to see him livin' down here 'n he'z not furry active here. Mom jus' don't haz da heart to remove hiz page, since I halp'ed raise him frum lil baby tiny kitty big hug
Smiley- Cassanova

Barked: Sun Aug 2, '15 3:20pm PST 

Yesh, Beepers and Milo we doeshn't getsh the email notification fur our giftsh and I shawsh in shome diariesh and postsh that other kittiesh are not getting them either. One of the fursh wash my furiend Nickleby who jusht hadsh a Birthday.thinking

I checked my pmail/email notificationsh and gotsh my lasht one on 7/30 and hash another one from the 30th and then shome more through yeshterday.shrug

Thanksh you.big grin

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