Please Help our Feline Friends


Mr. Human
Barked: Wed Feb 29, '12 8:55am PST 
The attorney for Susan Mills needs to get a sense of how many people who live in Henrico feed in their residential neighborhood as opposed to commercial areas. The case is currently a zoning issue and the oppostion is basically saying that nobody ever puts a bowl of catfood out for a stray/feral in their neighborhood and what Susan is doing is hightly unusual. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are a Henrico,VA resident that feeds in your Henrico neighborhood. Also, let me know if other people than yourself are also feeding this colony in your neighborhood. You can email me at I need to hear from people by Monday, March 5th. Please give me a contact number if you are willing to talk to Susan's attorney. I will compile a list of people and get the list to him. The hearing for the case is Wednesday, March 14th at 1:30. Susan's attorney said this is going to set a precedent and we sure want it to be a precedent on behalf of stray and feral cats. Email me if you have questions. Thanks. Jennifer Erisman