WARNING: Room Deodorizer Killed My Baby Girl


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Barked: Sun Feb 26, '12 7:51pm PST 
This is the story of Isabella Dawn.
I used to keep a room deodorizer in my bathroom window, one of those twist up ones. (I can't say the name for legal reasons). One day when the wind was blowing really hard it fell on the floor. Bella, being a curious puppy had to check it out. She took a small bite.


When she started gagging I rushed her to the vets but it was to late to save her.
I hope this post will keep anyone else from loosing a precious pet. Please keep all room deodorizers where your pet can not get to them. Also, take care when using the sprays. Make sure you baby is not where the spray can fall on them. I will always feel guilty for not protecting my little girl. If this can keep other pets safe then she didn't die in vain.