been a long time


Where's that- cat?!!!
Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 8:31pm PST 
Hi all. We have had a lot go on in our houndie lives the past few years. To start with our computer died. So mamma decided not to get another one until she could get what she wanted and not something to settle for. So now we have a good computer that should last some years, instead of only a couple.
Then our daddy got sick and he has gone on to be with Jesus. He got cancer last year and died in just 4 months after he got told what was wrong with him. We miss him but mama tells us he is in a much better place.
So then mama got us all a nice bug newer dog house to live in. Mama still has to go to work and make us kibble money but as long as she comes home to us, we don't mind too much.
Mama is now talking about getting a new horse. You see, her older horse died a few years ago and she hasn't had one since. So she is thinking and has a great long time friend that she is talking about this to. We gots lots of land for a horse to graze on so mama is thinking right now and not sure if she is ready. WE shall see tho. Then we will have something else to bark at. haha
Lets here some from our friends out there.