New here and need some help with my saint.

Daisy Mae

Wanna snuggle!!
Barked: Wed Jan 25, '12 11:06pm PST 
Daisy Mae who is 11 months old is such a loving dog, but we are running into quite a few problems. One of the big ones is when we leave her alone in our home she gets anything and everything down off counters. she has her own toy box and two smaller dogs to play with and is never left alone more then an hr. How do I keep her off the counters, she never even tries when we are home. I can not leave her in the back yard becase she is a fence climber and if I put her on a tether she tangles and digs massive holes in the yard. She used to be crated when we were gone but not longer fits. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 10:28am PST 
You could try just leaving her in a bedroom/or a room,where you can closed the door! when your not home! keep some of her toys/bed in there with her and put everything up out of her reach!