Diesel iz dis weeks 'Rosetta' Pup

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Soulja (SJB)- In Loving- Memory

Stuntin' Gangsta- Style!
Barked: Sun Jan 15, '12 6:06pm PST 
Hey every Pupwave
We iz bringing back da "Rosetta Pup" of da week!
Ima explain what dis means:

Each week 1 pup will be da 'Rosetta Pup". Whoever iz chosen will chose da next Pup on da Sunday when dere week iz up.
During da 'Rosetta Pups" week, us other pups go and leave a Rosette pressie on their page wif a lil message.

(If you don't has any zealies don't worry, Dis iz not a requirement. Just somefin to do if you can. But you can still say somefin to da pup in da thread) big grin

Well, Dis week.....
Our Rosetta Pup is Pepper

Here iz da link to her page:


(sorry, I don't know how to make it a link to click? Maybe someone can?)

Congrats to Pepper
Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
Barked: Sun Jan 15, '12 6:43pm PST 
Link to Pepper's page:


Congrats, Pepper on being this week's Rosetta pup!
Abigail "In- Loving- Memory"

Mom & Dad's- Valentine
Barked: Sun Jan 15, '12 9:14pm PST 
Condogulations Peppercheer woooohooooo!

And thank you Abby for helping my guy out with the linkhail

See ya, Abigail


Barked: Sun Jan 15, '12 9:21pm PST 
Congrats Pepper! snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

We ALL deserve- loving families!
Barked: Sun Jan 15, '12 9:38pm PST 
Yay Pepper ! Conpupulations !

~Fluffy Boy ~
Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 4:08am PST 

If it's on the- floor,it's mine!- All Mine
Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 11:57am PST 
congrats, Pepper! dancing

TOUCHDOWN! Yep,- I make em!
Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 3:10pm PST 

Im going to go put you a Rosette on your pagehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance

High paw,

Thun Thun
Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 4:22pm PST 
Congrats Pepper!!!


Heading over to your page right now!
Lucian Our- Handsome- Angel

Lil Wild Man
Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 4:37pm PST 
Woo Hoo Pepper big hug i am gonna give you a special pressie kissing
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