New Lab Owner


Barked: Tue Jan 3, '12 11:03am PST 
Hi. New Lab in the house. Bubba came to us as a stray. Tracked his owner down through a chip and owner turned him over to us. He's a "roamer", i.e. likes to jump the fence. Need to find a better way of keeping in the yard than what we've taken (wireless fence collar). its too severe for his personality, but have to wait until payday to get 6 foot fencing.

His personality is so much different than the other dogs in the house (husky/rotty & mini dachsy). Looking for more information on such a loving breed. Vet estimates his age as 3-5 years old and believes him to be a pure english black lab.

More Food! More,- more, more- please!
Barked: Fri Jan 6, '12 10:28am PST 
Congrats on your new friend! Labs that are roamers can be tough but with a lot of hard work you can turn that around. Labs are working/sporting dogs and are very high energy. His "roaming" may have been more a symptom of boredom than anything else. Labs need near constant stimulation and activity. If those demands are met there is little need for them to try an escape. Doesnt mean it wouldnt happen - but it would certainly help. Labs often turn their pent up frustrations into destructive behavior. Chewing and ripping up stuff in the house. A tired lab can be a God send!

Labs are loyal family members. They love to be with their family members all the time. They are unusual in that they are considered puppies well past the age of 1. They keep their exuberance well into their 2nd and 3rd years and often longer. All the more reasons to keep them well exercised.

Labs are easy to groom but they are deceptively furry because of their insulating undercoat. Make sure to keep them brushed at regular least weekly. Dont over bathe a lab...they have natural oils in their skin/coat that are good for them. Many people get them bathed too often and it dries them out. They love water which you already know I'm sure. We make sure to take our swimming whenever we can. In the summer we have a kiddie pool for them to play in and they love it. :abs will do anything to please their family which makes them awesome students. Try and involve him in obedience classes, agility or flyball - all things labs excel at and it will keep their minds active and their bodies in shape.

Many labs will also overeat if given the chance - keep their diet healthy and on schedule if you can. Of course these are basics, but I'm sure you'll find some great resources. By any chance are you a Kindle owner? There is a great free book on Amazon called "The Everything Labrador Retriever Book" You can read on your Kindle if you have one. If not - its a great resource if you can pick it up. Good luck and enjoy!