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✞ Angel- Copper Boy- ✞ "Our- Litt

Loyal- Friend- Eternal
Barked: Sat May 11, '13 11:34am PST 
welcomebig hugIndescribable by Chris Tomlin!
Van Winkle

Call Me Winkie!
Barked: Tue May 14, '13 1:48pm PST 
cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9applauseapplause

BFF I- am a good Boy-
Barked: Thu May 16, '13 5:08pm PST 
big hugCasting Crowns-----If We Ever Needed You......It's now!!!!big hug


BFF I- am a good Boy-
Barked: Thu May 16, '13 5:10pm PST 
wave Van Winkle!hughugdog walkbig hugbig hugblue dog

When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Barked: Sun May 19, '13 9:32am PST 
wave Good morning! It's Pentecost Sunday. Instead of a song, I just wanted to share a thought fur the ay.

"As Pentecost was for our brethren almost two thousand years
ago, let it be for us today in our celebration of the gift of
the Holy Spirit. As it transformed their lives, so let it
transform ours. As it secured the gospel in their hearts, so
let it be in ours. And as the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of
Missions, impelled them to proclaim the gospel to all present,
so let Him impel us.
"The Anglican missionary writer, Roland Allen, pointed out
that the Holy Spirit's first act that day was one of redeeming
love. This is the Spirit that inhabits His church today, and He
has not changed. He is constantly working for the salvation of
people everywhere. When we allow the church to sink into
"business as usual", we are withdrawing from participation in
the Spirit's plan for His church. May the Lord turn us back to
His work for us, in this festal celebration."

-Robert McAnally Adams
✞ Angel- Copper Boy- ✞ "Our- Litt

Loyal- Friend- Eternal
Barked: Mon May 20, '13 11:36am PST 
AMEN!!!big hug
Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
Barked: Thu May 23, '13 7:36am PST 
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Mon May 27, '13 7:17pm PST 
=partyawsome videos and music...Love the Pentecost writingapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause
Let the Holy Spirit rule all our hearts.big hugkissingbig hugkissingbig hugmazy

When you're- chocolate, life- is sweet!
Barked: Sun Jun 2, '13 9:47pm PST 
Here is something that was written ovfur 50 years ago, and seems even more true today:

" [Surprisingly] the Christian Church now finds herself
called upon to proclaim the old and hated doctrine of sin as a
gospel of cheer and encouragement. The final tendency of the
modern philosophies--hailed in their day as a release from the
burden of sinfulness--has been to bind man hard and fast in the
chains of an iron determinism. The influences of heredity and
environment, of glandular make-up and the control exercised by
the unconscious, of economic necessity and the mechanics of
biological development, have all been invoked to assure man
that he is not responsible for his misfortunes and therefore
not to be held guilty. Evil has been represented as something
imposed upon him from without, not made by him from within. The
dreadful conclusion follows inevitably, that as he is not
responsible for evil, he cannot alter it... Today, if we could
really be persuaded that we are miserable sinners--that the
trouble is not outside us but inside us, and that therefore, by
the grace of God, we can do something to put it right, we
should receive that message as the most hopeful and heartening
thing that can be imagined."
... Dorothy Leigh Sayers
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