I love my shiba but he is causing some trouble HELP


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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 2:38am PST 
Hi I'm new to this board

I actually live in Western Australia and got a Shiba in early October he was just 6weeks– a little boy Yoshii he is a ESA for my mum and my students.

He is awesome apart a few things which I am trying to fix but I am running out of ideas.

1. He doesn’t really like going for a walk – he walks past the letter box, he freaks out slips out of his harness and thank god runs home – thank god on that now I’m terrified to take him out in case he runs into traffic or something. I did buy a choker collar but people yell at me for using it – I am trying to use it with the harness. Any advice
2. Food - I have never feed him what I am eating – when I sit in the lounge with food to watch a movie etc he annoys me – biting jumping barking it doesn’t matter what food I had plain pop corn earlier. I have tried time out (he escapes) I have tried treats to sit while I eat but that only works if the treats don’t ran out I have tried yelling no and ouch that hurts – I can eat lunch and breakfast food in the lounge and he doesn’t care only in the evenings. Anyone else eating in the lounge its just me he likes to torture. Any Ideas?
3. Car sickness – every time I need to take him somewhere he throws up on me – I usually get someone else to drive and I nurse him in the back seat I cover everything up and try to keep him calm - I even have a bag and bucket but he always manages to throw up on me every time – even if its just down the road or a long drive. But when the car is off in the garage he will climb in and not get out.

These are the main issues I'm having than that he is a great little guy and I love him to bits. He knows sit down let go and stay – whether or not he decides to do it is another story.

Any advice would be great