5 week old puppy help!!


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Hi all! I am a new lover of the bullmastiff breed!! I recently brought my new little guy home and we immediately started him in a crate. We tried to use the divider to keep him from making too much of a mess while he was inside, but we have had to remove it. He seems to enjoy rolling in his feces and laying in his urine. I am worried because we have had to wash him off nearly everyday and I don't want his skin to dry out. Can anyone tell me if this is normal for such a young pup or if you have any advice on how to prevent it I would appreciate it!! Oh and he doesn't seem to want to eat the feces, just enjoys rolling in them. Thank you!!!

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My advice is to get him in a smaller crate. The crate needs to be big enought for him to stand and turn around in. If a puppy has to much room they will go potty in there. HE is puppy so he has energy so if he playing around he won't mind running through his pooh. Smaller area is a must until he learns. Also a 5 weeks old puppy is VERY young they should not leave their mother till at least 8 weeks for vital nutrients from the mom. He should be taken out every 30mins-1hr for a potty break.

If you have to wash him find a mild puppy shampoo that has aloe or oatmeal in it that won't dry his skin out as fast.

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In response to how young he was when we got him, we didn't have a choice. It was either we rescue him and his brother or they were going to the pound. The mother weaned them at 4 weeks and started to reject them immediately. She was was not teaching them anything and was allowing them to lay in their own filth. If we hadn't brought them home when we did, our little guy and his brother would probably have been put down by the high kill shelter. But on to the rest of your response, as I wrote we did try to put him in a smaller crate, but he would be covered in his filth no matter what and I would rather take it slower and have it be a bit more difficult to train him and allow him to use his crate to go potty in, which he has learned to do rather than going on the floor and he has finally grown out of this for the most part, it is mainly by accident now. I was also asking if there was something to use other than puppy shampoo. I would hope someone would think of trying that before asking for any suggestions. I appreciate you taking your time to respond.

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I would ask your vet if he sells any sensitive skin washes. My vet sells a local, all natural brand that worked very well with my little girl when we had to wash her almost every day due to her playing in her waste.
Also, my bullmastiff puppy had the same issues with playing/ rolling in her waste when we first got her. It lasted a couple of months and then just went away. She never played in it while we were home and I took it as her "acting out" stage due to separation anxiety. Once we were home, she had amazing manners and learned very quickly how to let us know when she needed to go.
Good luck with your little one. Let me know if your vet doesn't sell anything like this and I will see if they sell this brand online.