Class Schedule

Mischief BN

Barked: Fri Oct 28, '11 7:47am PST 
Classes at FWOTC run for 8 weeks, with a week in between each class session, where we have our open meeting. We just finished week 3 of this session. Two breaks are usually taken from classes: a couple of weeks in the summer while the Allen Co 4H fair is going on and a few weeks in December for Christmas. So I think the next classes available to sign up for will be in January. Non-member classes were (last I checked) $80 for the eight weeks; that's $10 per class, and about the most afordable I've seen in town. After becoming a memeber of FWOTC (not just the dogster forum), classes are only $40 for eight weeks, only $10 of which has to be real money. We use a "paw points" system, where you can earn points by helping at trials or cleaning up after class, and you can used up to 30 paw points towards any class.

Mischief is currently taking an Agility handling class on Monday and a Novice obedience class on Wednesdays. Renegade is not in any classes right now, as he only joined our family two weeks ago, but we are working with him at home, and he will take some basic obedience in January.

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