New Pyr here *Lillie*


Goat Guardian
Barked: Mon Oct 17, '11 6:58am PST 
My name is Jess and I have had Lillie a few months now. Lillie is our first GP. Lillie is a 5 month old purebred Great Pyrenees that lives in North Georgia. We have only had her a few months, but definitel picked the right dog. Lillie spends her days with her babies *goats* and making sure predators stay far away. She is VERY good at her job. She is also love-able to us and wary of strangers. She has 15 goats to look after as well as chickens whenever they get out. She loves her job and would like to do nothing more. SHe is very serious about her job, and knows when the time to play and the time to work. Lillie and I just want to say Hiwave everyone smile