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i would like to know is dry or wet dog food better. i keep hearing people say dry messes up the digestive system or they get bad kidneys or you know what i i am concerned any info will be greatly appreciated
Athena Grace

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I feed my 10 month old puppy "Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy" which is a dry food. The main thing you are looking for in a puppy food for a bull mastiff puppy is that it is low in protein. If the food has too much protein in it, it will cause the puppy's bones to develop too quickly and comes with quite a few health risks.
In my opinion, wet foods are too scary. There are always recalls on them, some of which are after you have fed your pet the recalled food! While there are recalls on dry food as well, it is not as common.

Hope this helps!
Mr. Wendle

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I use Taste of the Wild hard food. Hard food is good for their teeth, if you only feed wet, their teeth will not stay sharp and could eventually have cavities & rot.

Here is a great article about how to feed your bullmastiff:


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I am a proud owner of a bullmastiff puppy, she is nine weeks today. I got her through a friend who is in the process of moving and decided not to take her with and asked if I wanted her. Once I saw her I fell in love. She is the cutest thing ever. Anyways to get too the point he had her on beneful. And as I am reading this forum and other posts online. I noticed that this isnt the best for her health. And I am getting.all different answers on what to put her on. So I am asking longtime bullmastiff owners to help me out. This is very confusing too me. Since im getting different answers from everyone. If someone could just break it down too me what things too look out for and etc. that would help as well

Southern Dawg
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I'm not a long time owner but do have a 9 month old bullmastiff. We have her on Fromm which has worked out great for her so far. The most consistent advice I've heard is watch the protein, fat, and calcium/phosphorus level. 22-25% protein and less than 15% fat - you want to make sure they don't grow too fast. I never put her on puppy food (even large breed). She is on the smaller side for a bullmastiff but we are okay with that...I'd rather her be smaller than have orthopedic issues! Not sure that helps...but thought I'd share.