Need to change football conferences


Barked: Tue Sep 20, '11 9:20am PST 
We don't like whats happaening with the vsarious football conferences raiding each other. The NCAA needs to step in. Here is our plan: there are 112 FBS schools (1-A). That divides nicely into 8 14 team conferences. Teams will be placed in a conference by a drawing (numbers 1 - 8 written on cards 14 times, placed in a box and drawn by a representative of each school). Each conference can then divide into 2 7 team divisions. Teams play each team in division, 3 team in the other division, and 2 teams from other conferences. No school can be independent and no school can play a FCS (1-AA) school excpet as an exibition game). After the 11 game season the winners of each division play for the conference championship. The 8 conference champions play in the 4 BCS bowls as determined by a draw. The winners of those games play in two semi-final bowls as determined by a draw. The winners of those games play for the national championship.
Smaller schools are helped in recruiting because everyone is BCS bowl eligible (no non-qualified conferences).
The 8 teams with the worst records get sent down to 1- AA the next year and are replaced by the 8 best teams from 1-AA. Schools that violate rules can be punished by being sent down to 1-AA for at least a year amd replaced by a 1-AA school