Mouthy Puppy


Khloe of the- clumsy puppy- trib
Barked: Wed Sep 7, '11 5:55pm PST 
I have a pit puppy wondering what is the best way to stop the nips she has broken skin nothing to serious but i don't want a lawsuit frown

Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Thu Oct 6, '11 9:50pm PST 
I highly recommend checking out Cesar Millan, he is an amazing dog trainer. He will definitely have good techniques to train your dog with -

I'm friends with- everyone but- squirrels!
Barked: Mon May 21, '12 8:21pm PST 
I highly recommend NEVER listening to Cesar Millan unless you want an aggressive, fearful dog.

Instead, follow Ian Dunbar, Tamar Geller, kikopup on Youtube or any of the other *positive* trainers with stellar reputations and up-to-date techniques. Cesar is almost criminal in the damage he has done. Google it.


Barked: Thu Aug 2, '12 6:59am PST 
Mouthy Puppy... Give them something else to chew on, a tug, a kong, a toy, a treat. If they insist on biting you, push them away and tell them no. Young puppies need to chew, so make sure they have plenty of toys with different textures (hard, soft, rubber, cloth, bones, ropes, etc). With bully types, make sure you supervise until you're sure they aren't going to destroy the toy. Kong type toys and certain treats (giant dog biscuts) are best if you plan on leaving them alone.