How did you get your name? Where did your owner's get you?


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Fri Jul 22, '11 8:38pm PST 
How did you get your name? What does your name mean? Where did your owner's get you? Why did they pick you as their dog?

Has the hunger!
Barked: Sun Jul 24, '11 6:08pm PST 
I am named partially after Charlie from LOST smile My owners rescued me from a Tennessee meth house!

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Fleetwood- Mac

Go your own way!-
Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 12:16am PST 
I am named after my owner's favourite rock band from the 70's but I also have a few nicknames - PeeWee is one of the most popular, Bubbalou, Piddlemont, Peediddler -

I came from a breeder on the west coast of Canada in a town called Terrace from Roy-al Puppy.


Goat Guardian
Barked: Mon Oct 17, '11 7:06am PST 
I came from a barn where my dog mom, siblings and I guarded goats. My human mommy wanted a dog that could guard her goats. When she got me I was very anemic and covered in HUGE fleas. SHe got most of them off me and took me to the vet to make sure I got my shots and was ok. Now I'm 5 months old and taking care of goats which I LOVE to do. I guard my goats from anything that might harm them and never let them get too far away from me. My mom named me Lillie because of white Lilies. She just threw in an extra L to be different..she calls me her lil polar bear because when I was little she said thats what I looked like.

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