What do you eat?


Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Fri Jul 22, '11 8:32pm PST 
What do you feed your Great Pyrenees? Why do you feed that brand of dog food or that type of food?

Has the hunger!
Barked: Mon Jul 25, '11 4:14pm PST 
I'm fed RAW! Raw chicken, beef, fish, and organs mostly. YUM!
Fleetwood- Mac

Go your own way!-
Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 12:28am PST 
I eat my dog food - Go Salmon - dry kibble. I also sneak my kitty's food when no one is looking and sometimes I get cat treats - just a few - sprinkled on my dinner.

I self feed but typically only eat one meal a day. I love special dog cookies from the pet food store, peanut butter like milk bones, duck jerky, goji berries and pretty well any treat anyone gives me - or I can find.

(PSSST don't tell anyone but when I was a puppy I used to steal the kitty's poop out of the litter box. Once, when my Mum had taken a spill on the ice, I got away from her and ran back inside the house, went straight to the cat box, helped myself to some poop, went upstairs on to Mum and Dad's bed, curled up, got cozy and ate it - leaving traces of it and kitty litter all over their pillows!!)

I also sit nicely when I'm offered a 'cookie' and I take the treats very gently from people's hands. Sometimes I carry the cookie around in my mouth for awhile before I eat it and other times I bury them in my hole in the back yard to save for another day, month or year.