How's the weather up there?(or down there).

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Lowenhart's- Jaxima- Dalicious

Beautiful AND- Smart
Barked: Wed Jul 20, '11 1:19pm PST 
Well, let me start dis by saying we're in da 90's again today.No real rain in sight.Supposed ta be almost 100 tomorrow and Friday.That means dragging da hose out later ta water.Boy,am I glad I'm not Mommy.Wit da weather,it's either feast or famine.

Things to- do--Places to- go!
Barked: Wed Jul 20, '11 5:28pm PST 
It was up to 98 degrees with a Heat Index of 108 red facered facered face Tomorrow a little cooler.....91 degrees shock

Barked: Wed Jul 20, '11 8:41pm PST 
We were in the upper 60's here you guys run those air conditioners and stay cool

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Alexandria- (Sweetest- Angel)

Running Devil
Barked: Thu Jul 21, '11 8:02am PST 
We've been in the 90's all week in the day's and 70's at night. Next week it might cool off to the 80's big laugh We have AC and really enjoy it. hi5
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Thu Jul 21, '11 10:00am PST 
How HOT is it?????????

This is how it was 2 days ago....97 and heat index of 113 and 80% humidity. Gpa had to change shirts 3 times that day. He worked in the heat all day, except 2 hrs.Gma said, he's never went through that many clothes in one day,ever! Yesterday was 86 but breezy so felt great.Wind yesterday was 30-40 mph... We mowed the yard and worked outside for 5 hrs.Today is suppose to be a Goldielocks Day! 80's but not too HOT or Too Cold..Not too Windy and not too calm! This means I want to go hunting before they put me on guard duty to go buy supplies......way to gokissinghug Hang in there Everyone.... heard a nasty rumor that a 2nd. blast of Heat is coming....wavewavewave kisses,mazy

Sniffy Pants- Baloo
Barked: Thu Jul 21, '11 12:17pm PST 
Stinkin' Hot it is.
93, with humidity making it feel like 109. So much for living in the Great White North of Canada...bolshrug
Lowenhart's- Jaxima- Dalicious

Beautiful AND- Smart
Barked: Sat Jul 23, '11 11:16am PST 
Sounds like youse guys,except for lucky Max,are havin' da same heat we are! 97 today,with a heat index of 1012.Yesterday was even worse.Mommy went out to water the flowers at 7:00, and the sweat just was pouring off her whole body.On top a dat,she got bit by flies because of da sweat! Guess da flies were thirsty too!

We ALL deserve- loving families!
Barked: Sat Jul 23, '11 8:05pm PST 
1012?????eek Like living in a KILN, Jackson!

bright sun, light breeze, temps and humidity like where Jackson is...except for the 1012 part!big laugh

Little- Grasshopper
Barked: Mon Jul 25, '11 10:16am PST 
wave We are at 81, sun and cloud's. Heat return's by the end of the week relieved
Lowenhart's- Jaxima- Dalicious

Beautiful AND- Smart
Barked: Tue Jul 26, '11 3:45pm PST 
Yeah, okay Dant,blame dat on Mommy, she always exaggerates! Today is a lot better, got a few spits a rain,but Mommy's gonna have ta water! Not as hot though.The heat starts back up tomorrow like some of da rest a ya.Mommy doesn't even want ta go outside at all.Still take it over Winter any day!
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