Bronco Billy Needs Pes Varus Surgery - Please Help My Fundraising Efforts

Bronco Billy

Barked: Thu Jul 14, '11 11:10am PST 
I'm a good samaritan dog rescuer who has an adoptable foster that needs major orthopedic surgery. He has pes varus, a rare genetic disorder that causes the leg to bow inward and would eventually create a very poor quality of life.

I have found a charitable vet who will do the surgery for FAR less than the $4000 most charge and I need help reaching the $790 goal for the surgery. I've paid for all of his care out of my pocket thus far and will be paying for his checkups, as well as being responsible for his post-operative care.

I'm calling on all dachshund enthusiasts and lovers to please give if they can. Even $1 would be so welcome in helping to get him the surgery that he needs. I have a legitimate fundraising page here: Bronco Billy's GoFundMe Page I will also be happy to provide copies of the invoice from the vet or any other documentation you need to be assured that this is a real attempt to make a little dog's life better.