Zoë has passed away

Zoë (In- Loving- Memory)

Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 2:10pm PST 
I know I haven't been on Catster for a long time, but I wanted to update my profile put a eulogy for Zoë on my catster profile. She died 2 days ago, went very quickly and passed away quietly at the age of 15.

Right away I knew that Zoë was very special. Her eyes were a bit crossed and she was a bit skittish. But she was very sweet and loving on her own terms. And she loved her some Bruno. They were best kitty friends. Zoë was never much trouble. She did her own thing and didn't need much from anyone. She never got sick and never demanded much. She would get very affectionate only when we were in bed and laying down. She never enjoyed being held, and for that reason I sort of let her do her own thing. Some might think that she was always kind of feral. But when we moved to an apartment that had a yard that the cats could access, the other two cats took advantage of the yard, but Zoë just stayed inside and slept, content in her little indoor world. Maybe it was because she was cross eyed and a little blind and maybe a little deaf, but she just had zero interest in adventure.

Zoë lived longer than most would have predicted. She is survived by her Mother, Thalia, and her brother, Bruno.cry