Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 5:35am PST 
Im Peggy I am new to the forum, but I figured Id start off with good news. Well this summer my mom and dad bought me a baby pool so that if I wanted to come outside while they are out in the yard I would have someplace cool to chill. I wasnt having that... the thing looked like a giant water bowl to me.. so I gave it to my new Aunt Zoey.. she loves it.. Mom and Dad were over @ grandpas yesterday and I was curious about the big pool and seen Aunt Millie and Pete and Sally and Eb going swimming but they are wirehaired fox terriors. I didnt think I could swim.. Ive seen videos online of bulldogs that can swim..but I figured I wasnt just cut out for it... Well Dad got me onto the steps of the pool somehow and cooled me off on this HOT 4th of July.. I was scared but finally mom and dad got me onto a lower step... I just had to remember to keep my face out of the water!!! Mom than scooped me up and had me paddling!! I swam halfway across the pool by myself!!! I was scared and I just swam to the closest way to get out.. so they let me rest a bit after a few tries... Than mom and dad caught me sniffing @ the pool like I was interested again.. so off I went swimming again... I secretly kind of like it but dont tell my mom or dad.. they think Im a scardy cat... Mom and dad only got one video of me swimming.. on my profile ( if your interested) hopefully I can go back and get more practice.. maybe mom and dad will by me some floaties to put around my paws.. because i seem to splash alot rather than paddle nicely..