those who use punishment and claim that they don't

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There was this guy at work who told me a story about how he used a shock collar to teach the rescue pitbull to be nice while interacting with other dogs.. I cringed as he was saying it and he said 'i know, it's not that bad.. you can control how intense the shock is'. HE WANTED TO USE IT ON THE DOG WHILE SHE WAS IN DAYCARE! I was apauled.. So I give him a list : Patricia McConnell, Jane Killion, and Karen Pryor and told him to look them up as an alternative to using punishment.
He got angry and red in the face. He quickly said 'i don't punish my dogs, the shock collar is only to teach her to be nice to other dogs. But thanks' So I slivered away after saying 'oh, ok.' and waving bye(had to help other customers at that point)..
Not only is that a horrible training method from a learning standpoint, that could put other dogs safety in jeopardy. Good grief. That really stressed me out for a few days. I asked my behaviorist if I was in the wrong for giving advise. She said no, it happens that way sometimes. Made me a feel a tinge better.
Wish people would stop being so hard headed.

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hug For some people it take a lot of time. You did the right thing!