Shiba story "Nine tails to the Inaridou"


Barked: Fri May 27, '11 9:21am PST 

I would like to inform you about a story I just published. The story is about the Shibas which share their life with our family here in Finland but the book takes its´ readers also to a journey through Japan’s present and the past, folklore stories and mythology. This is my story, a life guided by the nine tailed Fox and old Kami's.

I have written the story to introduce Japan and it's culture from different aspects and to show Shiba as not only a dog breed among others but as a native breed that can stand as an ambassador of Japan living in families in other countries as well. During my visits to Japan I felt, that the atmosphere of your country still contains very much of the old culture and for that reason I wanted to include for example the story of Izanagi and Izanami in the book.

Although the story is not made for very little children, we thought that readers would be able to enjoy the writing more, as there are also many colourful illustrations mak-ing the book easier to read but also more fascinating. The illustration is made by Tamara Mouthaan from Belgium, a very talented illustrator which I got to know as we share the same passion for Shibas.

Even though the starting point for our project was Shibas, I hope that you would find a value in our book as it introduces Japan and its many important cultural and other issues in an easy way.

I write about martial arts like Kendō, and Iaidō but also how Shintō Musō-ryū jōjutsu invented Jōdō. The book is not religious but if speaking of Japan’s past and present I feel that you cannot ignore the influence of old Kami´s, Buddhism or Shintoism. As I have on my trips really experienced that A Japanese meal is not only the question of filling the physical needs but also nourishing the soul and the feelings of the whole human being I felt that things like that need also to be mentioned and tried to cover other aspects of culture as well.

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Best regards, Marjo and Inari from Finland