Newe Member concerned about head/skull shape


Barked: Sat May 21, '11 9:01am PST 
hello, i just joined yesterday and i thought i posted this at that time but i dont see it anywhere so i thought i would post it again. I am short on time and will give more info later on my best friend, quazi, but right now i really need some opinions about my concern. I havnt beeen able to find much info on this matter. Quazi is 1.5 yrs old, 105pds. He is pretty normal GSD but I have noticed a prodominate ridge on top of his head. it seems to be his skull but it sure protrudes. it is diffienlty bone and not tissue. i have had other GSD in the past and have never noticed this on them. Does anyne have any ideas? i will try and take a pic of him later that will show this better. any advice would be appriciated. i am so happy to have found this group. thank you