the rules in the group!

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Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 5:55am PST 
in this group we want to collect mommy wendy's dogster catster friends.
from here we can sent facebook furs to the facebook (fundraise) group.
we do not fundraise in this group,only in the facebook group.
this dogster/catster group is also made for the furs that are not on facebook.
we will pray,support and update here.
if non facebookers want to help out contact nacho/wendy's daughter personaly)
the page id is on our grouppage
she can give you her email and from there personal contact of how to help can be made.
so that this group will stay for support only!
and so that we can not break HQ rules in any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 11:10am PST 
Mama Wendy and papa Richard, we have some things in the works to help you out. We (sissies Liz and LaLa and myself) don't want to loose our home. You brought me home there and that is the only home I know. It was bad enough to loose you mama but to loose our home to, that would be just to much to bare. You loved our home and so do we. Where would dad go? Would he be able to keep us? We don't even want to think about that so we are jumping in and doing everything we can. Mama Nancy has some wonderful ideas that she has started on.

We love you mama and papa. I know you are still here with all of us mama. I feel you in my heart every day, every minute. Oh mama you should see your precious Cricket. She is everything you ever dreamed she would be and more. She is so beautiful and the name you chose for her fits her to a T. I know you are there in her heart to. You have our son Tiger Spy safe in your arms.

Rest easy mama and you to papa. We will all ban together and make this work.