Dog Days of Hollister Event - May 21st


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Barked: Sat Mar 19, '11 8:38pm PST 
Join us for the Dog Days of Hollister Event on Saturday May 21st from 10am to 4pm at Dunne Park in Hollister, California. This event is brought to you by Hollister Dog Owners Group.

Dog Days is a celebration of the dog. We will promote responsible dog ownership by highlighting some of the fun ways we, as individuals, and a community, can build strong, mutually appreciative relationships with our dogs. Our goal is to bring public awareness to dog-related activities in and around central California and be a positive force for education the public about the wonderful rewards and many responsibilities relating to dog ownership.

We will have numerous doggie demonstrations happening throughout the day including, herding, protection dog, obedience, rally, and many others. We will be offering Canine Good Citizenship testing.

We will have a pooch parade and costume contest as well as numerous other dog contests such as best park, best owner dog look a like, etc;

We will also have lots and lots of dog vendors to shop at!!

Tickets can be purchased at the gate. Adults $3 each or $2 with donation of dog food. Children 12 and under are free!

All well-behaved dogs (over 6 months of age) are welcome! Dogs must be on a solid leash at all times.

Come enjoy a day of heartfelt smiles, wagging tails, laughter and fun!
Please contact us at or 831-636-4809.
Or visit our web site at for more information